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Chelsea Lucas Runes 101

30 minutes-This class will help people get started on their journey of understanding the Runes as well as using them for divination or manifestation.     


Robin Lewis -Paganism 101

60 mins -Explaination of some of the different belief systems and wheel of the year.


Aaron Burcham - Introduction with safety in magickal and ceremonial practices

60 mins - This will mostly be a beginner’s class in safe magickal practices, as well as an introduction to the basic ceremonial magickal practices 


Dottie Sayre - Introduction to Divination

45 mins- Dottie's intro to Divination class

Learn about some of the basics of divination from how to receive information to what kind of tools are good for different types of questions. 


Aaron Burcham - Safety in magickal practices (Presentation)

30 mins - This class will be about safety practices, and will discuss both mundane and magickal ways to protect yourself in your practice.

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Fawna aka Polly Pinhead -Beginner belly dance

30 mins- We will learn hip shimmy in tribal style and eqytian and the difference between the two, chest shimmy and snake arms.


Will also teach tribal dance stance. Then just open dance for all.

Belly dance coin skirts for $10 in a variety of colors will be available.


Ash Schade - Introduction to atheistic satanism: unlikely allyship in a time of unease

60+ mins - Introduction to atheistic satanism as a paradigm and how to find allyship/common ground during a time of division and attacks on minority religions.    


Kerstin Santamaria - Scar Revision and Scar Camouflage/Paramedical Tattooing

30 mins-I specialize in Scar Revision, Scar Camouflage and 3D Nipple+Areola Restoration; Surgical scars, track mark scars, Burns or self harm scars.  I am the only person in WV that works with the LGBTQ+, domestic violence, mental health and recovery communities.  

I can minimize the look and texture of top surgery scars, brow lift scars, breast augmentation, etc., as well as tattoo removal.  I love helping people erase their triggers which allows them to be comfortable in their own skin. 


Lou Perkins (call me Phoenix) - Pagan Healing Circle with Pennsylvania Dutch Powwow

60 mins- After a short introduction to Braucherei, also known as Pennsylvania Dutch Powwow, participants will learn main points to a specific type of healing that has been reclaimed for pagan use.


Participants will be given blank petitions to fill out for themselves and others with any need (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc).


These will be placed on an altar. A handout sheet will be provided. We will practice chants, gestures, and other techniques together. Then using the handout as a guide, we will circle around the altar and do the healing work.  


No experience required.

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