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Everyone needs a helping hand now and then. Whether it is help with finding a food bank, help with getting medical coverage, mental health services, or signing up for other assistance. There is no shame in it, and while we hope to someday be able to offer all those services to the community, for now, some outside help may be needed. Below, you will find different resources for different needs. 

If you have any suggestions for resources, feel free to email us and we will see about getting it added to the page. 

Food and Energy Assistance

Feeding America - a site to help find local help to you. Not everywhere is a church, but some places that is all that is offered. You can reach out to us and we will see what we can do to help as a community, but if you need more help, you can check their site. 

SNAP Benefits - there is governmental assistance for those who qualify. You can check to see how to qualify and apply. 

Energy Assistance - LIEAP assists eligible households with the cost of home heating through direct cash payments or payments to utility companies on their behalf. A crisis component is available for households without resources facing the loss of a heating source. Eligibility for both program components is based on a combination of factors, including income, type of heating payment, and total heating costs. The BFA Division of Family Assistance Policy (DFAP) operates LIEAP in each of the Department of Human Services (DoHS) field offices for a short time each winter, usually beginning with a mail-out to targeted households.​



Prestera -  Prestera offers mental and behavioral health services, group therapy, and can help determine if medication may be needed. I have used their services for years, and they even offer free therapies in some instances. The people I have worked with have been respectful of our Pagan beliefs as a family.​ They are LGBTQIA+ friendly in my family's experience.

Valley Health - several of their therapists have been very respectful of my Pagan beliefs, and Tammi Lewis even recommended several books I already owned from my own personal studies in Shadow Work to help me better understand the human aspect of life and how to navigate it. If you can get in with her, she is wonderful. My family has used their services in the past, and they have been wonderfully respectful-I was upfront with them about our beliefs, and they worked within that sphere. They are LGBTQIA+ friendly in my family's experience.

Under Pressure Therapy - an inclusive behavioral health organization. They are LGBTQIA+ friendly, and also work with non-monogamous individuals and polycules. I have spoken with Dr. Aaron Nick Hemlepp at Putnam Pride and he said they are Pagan friendly as well. They are based in Barboursville.

Mental Health Services and Pagan Friendly Therapists

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