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2023 Broom Not Vroom

11 Am to 6 September 16, Valley Park Hurricane.

Nature Views

Hail and welcome all that come with an open heart and mind. This is the first Metro Valley Pagan Pride Event.  Remember that is Broom, not Vroom. It's more important now then ever that all people of alternative faith come together to build our community and celebrate both what makes us the same and what makes us different. 


11-11:30 Opening ritual hosted by Aaron from the Black Forest Coven 

12-1 The Big Show  Lady Dior, Tribe of the Serpantin Sisters, Luna Tick Khaose, and Polley Pinhead will take the stage back to back.

1:30-2:30 Community Drum Circle 

3-3:45  Counsel acknowledgement 

4:15-5:45 Annie Wolfe Renon singer 

5:45-6:15 Closing ritual hosted by Holly from the Ravens Nest Kindred. 

Aaron Burcham of the Black Forest Clan preforming the opening ritual.

Aaron will be preforming is first public ritual in order to advance his study in the Black Forest Clan tradition.  As a paramedic and an active member in the Pagan community he has defined himself through his kindness.  


Luna Tick Khaose

Luna Tick Khaos is a fire-breathing performer who has been in the game for two years and absolutely loves it! They're also a sideshow performer, incorporating some freaky and unusual acts into their shows

Polley Pinhead

Polly Pinhead began Interpretive Tribal Fusion Belly Dance at a young age. Combining several styles with her spiritual practice Polly performs as if each move were an ecstatic devotion to the Primal Goddess. After years of practice and honing her skill, she is now performing for greater and greater audiences across the tri-state area including several Prides and Pagan events.

Tribe of the Serpentine Sisters

Tribe of the Serpentine Sisters was founded in 2020 by friends with a shared love of belly dance. We range in experience from dancing 10+ years to just 3 years. Serpentine Sisters is a fusion bellydance troupe-we like to fuse various styles and put our own personal twist on it. You will see us dance to music ranging from traditional Arabic to heavy metal. You can also see us use various props such as veils, poi, swords, isis wings, and fans. We encourage all women no matter the age or size to love their body and move it! 

Our members are: 

-Nadimah "drinking companion"

-Thyone "Goddess of the Bacchic frenzy"

-Natesa "Dancer"

-Safira "Victorious"

Lady Dior

Miss Lady Dior is a drag entertainer who has traveled all around the tri state area. She is also a proud member of the pagan community. Lady hopes to help inspire others to strive towards their most authentic self by using her craft as a tool to show others how fun life can really be. Drag is her own kinda magic and she is ready to mesmerize you all.

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Michelle Drum Leader

Michelle has been dedicated to participating in and facilitating the drum circle experience for more than 20 years; also teaching drum circle leadership classes and hosting regional drumming gatherings for the public.

Annie Wolfe

Annie Wolfe is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Huntington, WV. Best known as the front woman of the Appalachian rock band "Living Room". She trained in opera and classical music for several years until deciding she felt that writing and performing her own music was where her passion lies. When not doing music she is also a fire performer, dancer, seamstress/costume designer, and artist. Annie's music is an eclectic mix of folk, jazz, soul, rock, classical, and psychedelic. Her online presence can be found here: 

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Holly from Raven’s Nest Kindred performing the closing.

Holly comes to Mid-Valley Pagan Pride as the Associate Gythja and Seiðkona of the Raven’s Nest Kindred. She has been a practicing witch and pagan since 2003 at the age of 16. She has explored many paths and religions and considers herself a lover of learning, nature, and experiences. She strives to embrace life with all its challenges and exemplify the Noble Virtues. While Holly has been a semi-visible person at pagan pride since the first, she feels her path is to spread knowledge, acceptance, and to help all feel welcome who are true to the calling.

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