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What is MVPP?

Our mission is to facilitate the connection between members of Pagan and non secular religions, help build the community, give space to celebrate their individual paths, address social issues affecting the community, and connect to or build programs/events that assist members of the growing community. 

Metro Valley Pagan Pride began as Charleston Area Pagan Pride by a man named Culann Lecher.  He did everything he could to bring together pagans all across our mountain mother. We are taking that spirit to the next level by creating a non-profit organization.


Our group is dedicated to bringing the greater Pagan community together to celebrate the entire cycle of life and our individual part in it.  


Some believe in many gods. Some believe only in themselves. All believe in the freedom of religion. 

By Laws

This is the by laws of Metro Valley Pagan Pride. They maybe updated from time to time. 

Meet the Team

Metro Valley Pagan Pride is comprised of board, council members, and volunteers from various paths...

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